WARNING: This site might show you a few things you were unprepared for. As well as a few pages in Chinese.


Need a guide?

Here's the Quick N' Dirty Guide to Taipei.

And Mondo Taiwan has more insanity for the newcomer.


So, you've been here one week already, moping around the pubs, no friends......

Loads and loads of potential partners are waiting for you at Asian Friend Finder in English!

Care to meet someone? Tons of dating services here.

Slightly more adventurous are the adult dating services here.

If you would rather nurse a warm beer, The China Post Guide to Pubs has this list of places to cultivate a proper hangover.

An excellent listing of clubs and pubs in Taipei can be found at the Taipei Stalker Club Guide

If you're headed south, don't miss these pubs in Kaohsiung.

More pubs in Kaohsiung.

For the gay community, try this site.

And if you're completely insane, why not get a job teaching English?


odd stuff

This professor, Lu In-Choan specializes in UFOs.

Truly warped animation can be found at A-Bian After Hours.

Or for all the sickos out there, try this demented video game. (And check out the rest of the Hot Dogs site).


This section can help you make connections of one kind or another......

For the sleaziest kind, consult the World Sex Guide's document on Taipei.


and not the kind that need diapers...

Check out the gorgeous gals at the Banana Club website.

For more curvaceous cuties, don't miss the Republic of Beauty.


grumblings from the foreign community

Here's the famous You know you've been in Taiwan too long when... list.

Michael Turton has this to offer.

Chris Murphy wants to tell you a lot about negotiating with the Chinese.

Joff Roepcke gives you the lowdown on life in Chiayi.

David's strolled down a few alleys you might not want to explore....

And chuckle over these tales of double-crossed cross-culture clubbers.DISORIENTED INDEED!

Beth Fowler has the inside story on Taiwanese Chewing Gum.

For the ladies in the house, you might want to ask yourselves "IS YOUR FOREIGN BOYFRIEND A LOSER?"

And in the interest of fairness, we proudly present www.psychoexgirlfriend.com's Is Your Girlfriend Psycho? Quiz